Off Season Training 101

Don’t be this guy after the first mile of your trail ride or even after your first moto, get your off season training program into gear so you can have a great riding or race season.

It’s the off season and I know that your wanting to race and practice but it’s winter and we must wait for the season and weather to turn nice, your thinking” I’m ready to race” well are you? It is guaranteed that many racers go into the race season thinking that they are ready, well they are not! Why is that? Well many racers feel that they have trained enough with simply lifting a few weights. Well lets think again, physical conditioning involves training the rider’s body in flexibility, strength, speed, balance, and coordination, and finally, aerobic and anaerobic capabilities, rider’s must stretch, both dynamically and statically, they must lift weight in a balanced and appropriate volume, they must engage in change of direction and body control exercises, and finally, they must run, ride, and step their way to tip top cardiovascular shape. Over all a rider must have a capacity to move well, be strong, yet powerful, have a high level of body control, and be able to carry these qualities for as much of a race as possible!

As for mental conditioning, through a tough and consistent training process, is a good way to stress a rider’s mental capacity, a rider must have focus and confidence going into races. The overload of the physical and training must be appropriate enough to stress the athlete, but not overdo it. The combined blend of practice, physical training, and the diligence needed for recovery methods and nutrition, are elements that will take responsibility, work ethic, concentration, and determination that can only be decided in the mind and emotion of a rider.

Nutrition is the backbone to both areas. Energy is the key to all movement; so to correctly coordinate an eating plan will help bring the abundance of energy to the rider for activity. To eat property allows for quicker recovery between races and practice sessions, and also provides the body with a high immune system to ward off sickness, which keeps many riders out of practice and training sessions.

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