Hammer Tested: Renthal RC-1 Works Brake Pads

Changing your brake pads is one of the simplest maintenance items that you can perform yourself, not to mention maintaining your brakes is one of the safest things you can do for yourself and others out on the track or on the trail. So when my friends at Motosport.com sent me a set of front and rear Renthal RC-1 Works Brake Pads for my YZ250 it reminded me that I have not done any brake maintenance in awhile. With brake pads in hand, I headed to the shop and got busy with cleaning and inspecting the brake pins, changing the brake fluid, took a close look at the rotors, and installed the Renthal RC-1 pads with ease.

Zero installation issues as the Renthal RC-1 Brake Pads fit perfect like the O.E.M pads that I am replacing. The Renthal RC-1 brake pads are a premium, high performance sintered metal brake pad and it shows in their appearance and performance. The brake pads still have plenty of life left on them after 12 hours of use. Most of the 12 hours on the pads have been during dry, dusty track conditions here in Georgia but we have been getting rain here lately and my last ride I got to see how well the pads would perform in muddy track conditions and there were no surprises here as the Renthal RC-1 pads performed great. Maybe the muddy conditions is not a true test for “wet” conditions, but it’s a very harsh element for the brake pads and they performed as expected. So, I wouldn’t expect any complaints if you were to take an off-road ride with plenty of creek crossing or super muddy conditions.

One thing I would advise is not to install the Renthal RC-1 pads the night before your race or in between motos unless you can properly break them in. The RC-1 pads need a few laps and heat cycles to properly break them in and getting them to perform as designed. I know all brake pads need a “break in” period but the Renthal RC-1 Brake Pads needed more time than the O.E.M and other aftermarket pads I had installed in the past. Once you have worn the “new” off the brake pads get ready for very usable braking power, the more you pull or push the brake levers, the slower you go. I never noticed a “too grippy” sensation with the RC-1 pads as they stayed smooth and progressive. You will feel the difference in the brake levers as it took a little time to adjust to how I needed to apply braking power to the levers. If needed the RC-1 pads will bite and bite hard while providing an aggressive slowdown of the rotor. The  Renthal RC-1 pads had a very light noise for maybe the first 2-3 minutes as they were breaking in, the noise has never returned. Renthal manufactures these pads to have an inter-granular structure which reduces brake noise.


•High performance sintered metal compound made from 9 different materials helps reduce brake fade.

•Pad is specially formulated for quick bed-in time and immediate response.

•Ceramic heat shield backing reduces overheating of the brake fluid.

•Inter granular graphite structure helps prevent brake noise.

•Vacuum Press Furnace production ensures a consistent density throughout the entire pad which helps maintain a high level of performance for the life of the pad.

        • Durability 23/25
        • Function 25/25
        • Price 21/25
        • Design/Fit 25/25

Total Points Scored 94 = Excellent Product = Meets and Exceeds Expectations

$31.99 per wheel you can’t go wrong with brake pads that are specifically designed for motocross and off-road racing applications that provide maximum stopping power, progressive feel, no brake fade, and quick break in time. Visit Motosport.com today to purchase your set of Renthal RC-1 Works Brake Pads, and also don’t forget that Motosport.com carries a wide range of brake accessories and controls for all makes and models. Don’t forget that Motosport.com offers Free 3-Day Express Shipping on orders over $99 within the lower 48 states and a $8 flat rate on orders under $99.