Hammer Tested: Moose Racing Flex Handguards

Are you a converted woods rider to motocross? I’ll admit that I had no use for MX tracks until last year, I got hooked, and have been trying to hone my skills ever since. Of course I wanted to look the part right? First thing was to get rid of those wrap around aluminum hand guards as they are bulky and heavy. They serviced me well in protecting my hands as I chipped away bark from every pine tree in Georgia, but my riding preference as changed and so must my hand protection. This summer I was shopping around looking for a “motocross” style hand guard, which needed to be light and functional. While shopping on- line at Motorcycle-Superstore.com I came across the Moose Racing Flex Handguards. I chose the color, click add to cart,  entered credit card number, and a few days later I am out in the shop with new bike parts.

Durability and functionality are two major factors that stand out about the Moose Racing Flex Handguards. These handguards perform great on the track and in more open off-road riding. Weaving in and out of the trees on your favorite single track, I would prefer the wrap around handguards for most favorable hand protection. To date the Moose Racing Flex Handguards have survived a few front end wash outs and most of all protected my hands from all that roost coming off those screaming 85cc bikes, don’t laugh there are plenty of you out there reading this that are close to my age (37) and know what I’m talking about when a 85cc comes by you with the throttle pinned, wheelie, and a 85lb kid standing on the pegs. OK, even if you’re riding with the big block 450’s these handguards will perform as designed and offer great protection while not giving you a bulky or heavy feel at the handle bars.

These are installed on ProTaper Contour bars with only minor adjustments to be made with the clutch perch and front master cylinder. The installation instruction that came with the packaging was very clear and detailed and it only took maybe 20-30 minutes to get everything installed and adjusted. Being open on the ends really gives your hands a little more space while moving around on the bike, I had been running wrap around guards for so long that this was a nice feature for me. You will notice aluminum mounting brackets with a polypropylene rail that provides support for the deflector and flex when needed.

A spring loaded aluminum hinge allows the deflector to pivot forward with folding levers in the event of a fall; I tested this feature a few times for sure. But the deflectors are supported so well that they hold firmly in place while blocking all that roost. Another great thing is that these are made in the U.S.A

Order your set today for $49.95 and you will not be disappointed if you’re looking for quality hand protection. I would recommend the Moose Racing Flex Handguards to anyone, unless you prefer to run between the trees, and if that’s the case Moose Racing has you covered with the Moose Racing Contour Handguards.

        • Durability 23/25
        • Function 23/25
        • Price 21/25
        • Design/Fit 23/25

Total Points Scored 90 = Excellent Product = Meets and Exceeds Expectations

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