Trent Hunter Owner Of Ultra1MX Graphics

I had the chance to catch up with Trent Hunter owner and founder of the newest bike graphic company Ultra1MX. Please take a few mintues and learn more about Trent Hunter and his passion toward our indusrty.

Who is Trent Hunter? Tell everyone something about yourself. An amateur motocross racer turned company owner (laughs). I’m twenty years old & I’m from Powder Springs, GA. I’m the founder / owner of Ultra1MX.

Trent Hunter Working In the Shop

Tell us a little about Ultra1mx and how did you get started in the bike graphic business? Basically what we were doing was making miscellaneous decals for small companies and some racers in late 2010. the dream had always been to start a motocross graphic company, but that seemed too far fetched at the time. Until early 2011 I was approached by a parent wanting graphics for there son’s Cobra 50. I was a little skeptical about jumping into something I didn’t know much about but after I did a lot of homework and research on what materials and supplies I needed, I brought out some of the designs that I drew up back in school and turned them into a real motocross graphic. After I printed my first set of graphics for the customer, I realized how great the product looked and realized there might be something in store for me in the motocross graphic industry. Soon after, I created Ultra1mx.

What is that hardest part about owning your own business? The hardest part would be knowing that no two customers are the same. Everyone has there difference in opinion and everyone always wants something different than the last guy. Satisfying every customer has to be the hardest thing but customer satisfaction is what we are all about.

You enjoy riding dirt bikes right? What’s your racing or riding background and how did you get started with dirt bikes? I began riding at age 5 after going to a local supercross race with my dad, I was instantly hooked on riding and showed a lot of interest in the sport. Since then, I’ve known nothing but racing and motocross has just always been a way of life for me and my family. The dream was to always be like the guys I grew up watching, like Carmichael and McGrath. I’ve learned a lot from racing, and now I enjoy giving back to the riders by providing good products.

The Man Behind Ultra1MX

I have heard you and your dad like to custom paint moto helmets. Tell us a little bit more about custom painted helmets and who’s the master mind behind it? My dad, Terry Hunter is definitely the master mind behind our custom painted helmets. Dad started painting in high school back when he was racing, so when I started out on a bike, my helmets where always tricked out and thats basically just been a tradition for me every time I get a new helmet. We both have had a lot of fun working together painting and have many great opportunities to paint lids for many great racers.

What is the most rewarding thing about owning your own bike graphic company? The most rewarding thing is when I send a graphic kit out to a customer, and then a few days later receiving an email with pictures of that customers bike and how happy they are with the product. Thats the coolest thing ever, to me. I really get more enjoyment out of providing a good looking graphic for a customer than winning a motocross race.

What can all your customers expect from Ultra1mx this year? They can definitely expect big things, this company is only going to grow from here. We have a few new graphic styles in the works that are soon to be released, and we also are going to start accepting resumes for our Rider Support System. We are really just going to focus on getting name out there and introduce to the riders and fans that theres a new MX graphic company out there that has a lot to offer.

Now that we know what to expect from Ultra1mx this year, what is your vision for the next few years into the future? The goal is to get everything going and to have a solid system for everyone that wants our products. I would love to expand and move into a location with a store front and bike customizing station as well, thats something we have discussed since day one. We hope to travel to more races and have our products on hand with us for the riders to purchase at events as well. Basically its all about baby steps and making the right choices. You never know where things can take you, to be honest, I never expected to get this far in such a short amount of time.

When you get time to ride where is your favorite place to go and what is your current ride? Well my good friend Kieth Moon has a private track just 10 minutes from my house, any time he calls me up I’m usually out the door with my gear bag before we hang up the phones. The track has a super awesome lay out and is very challenging, theres never a dull day of moto’s at his place! My current ride is a 2011 Honda CRF 450. Its by far the sickest bike I’ve ever owned and I really enjoy every second on I spend on the bike!

Rider support program, what can a Ultra1mx supported rider expect from Ultra1mx and what does Ultra1mx expect from the riders? Our support program has features much like any other support program in the industry, we offer great discounts, some free items, and outstanding backing for our riders when ever they need something right away. In return, we expect one thing from our riders and we never miss an opportunity to stress this subject, and that is company promotion. Without promotion, no company can ever grow. We offer a great product for everyone including our riders and we love working with them and allowing them to represent Ultra1MX.

Here’s your chance to give thanks and any shout outs and thank you for taking time to take part in this interview. First off I wanna thank God for all of this, everything we have built in this company was from scratch as far as knowledge and funding goes, so I wanna thank him for allowing me to do what I do and make a decent living from it. My Parents, with out them I probably would have never been introduced to this sport, and I have to thank them for all that they have done for me in the past. All the friends and other racers around me who motivated me to start Ultra1MX. And last but not least, all the continuing customers who keep me up at night creating more product and ideas, those guys are the ones who really push me to keep this deal going, thanks to all you guys!

As Joe Dirt once said, “Life’s a garden, dig it!”
For rider support, ordering, info and general questions, please call me at (678)-449-6725 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.
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    Hey Trent,
    Congrats on your new Company, and thanks for taking time to talk to Rich, (DirtHammers). Patience and Perseverance are key in a young businessman,
    Hang In there! And Always Remember…
    Keep The Faith! =)

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    That’s great advice Tuck.

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