Sit Down With Will Posey Owner Of Shutter Films

I ran into Will Posey on Facebook and we have been communicating off an on every since. We both agreed it was time to sit down and do an interview so people could get to know Will Posey. Please take a few moments to read through his interview. You never know you might need a photographer or even a video of you ripping around the track.


Who is Will Posey? Tell me something that nobody else knows about you. (be careful because everyone will know once you tell me) Whats up I’m Will Posey. I’m 20 years of age! I race motocross and I own and run Shutter Films and Photography. I have only been filming and doing photography for a year and already made my way up pretty quick in the film industry!

Just from talking to you and hanging around, it’s very obvious you ride. Let’s hear more about your riding and racing background and what is your future racing plans? Yeah, I have been racing all my life and have been around the sport for a good while! My dad started me out on a Suzuki 50 four wheeler when I was 2 and half. That is when it all started and began. On 50 and 65’s I was alright but when 85 hit that is when stuff started happening for me until I started getting hurt! I was basically hurt from 2007 until 2009. Since I was hurt so much I didn’t get to do much racing, you know I would go ride some and then I would just get hurt and it started bumming me out! In 2008 I had a really bad wreck that was suppose to end my racing. I was in a coma with bleeding on my brain, dislocated hip, and my spine from my pelvis. It just wasn’t a good time for me! While I was laying in the hospital my dad was talking to me and told me I was done racing for good because my body couldn’t handled it! Around May of 2009 I had enough of not being able to ride and just went to my dad and begged him to let me and finally he gave in! I went to lorettas in 09 and got 4th in 450 C which wasn’t bad to me since I had been off the bike so much! After that I moved up to A class and did some racing and financial stuff got tight so I had to sale my stuff! I just now got another bike and some good backing and I am in the process of running Pro Ams as we speak to obtain my pro license and take it from there and hopefully I’m able to run some supercross races and outdoor nationals in 2012! So I’m back at it in full swing going to the gym everyday and cycling a hole lot!

I know most people have a favorite track or preferred section on a track, tell me what’s your favorite track or section and why. I have to say Sand Mtn is my favorite track! The owner Billy Rains is such a caring and awesome guy! Without him in 2009 before Loretta’s I probably wouldn’t have done as good as I did! He let me stay there for two months and train! Everyone needs to check his track out! Probably my favorite part of a track is big jumps and ruts! I love to go big!

What does Will Posey choose to ride these days and what makes this bike so special? Well I am on a Kawasaki 250 two stroke right now. Reason I chose this bike is because I’m riding the 250 class for the Pro Ams and the bike has a lot of power and is just a good all around bike for what I am trying to achieve! I will go to Kawasaki kx250f when I obtain my pro license!

O.K let’s talk about what Will does while he is not riding bikes. You’re the owner and operator of your own video and photography company called Shutter Films right? Tell everyone what kind of services they can expect from Shutter Films and its owner. Yes, I do own Shutter Films and I love every minute of it! Filming and Photography is like a drug to me! I have to make everything perfect in it and it just takes the stress from me! My company does anything with videos all the way to any type of photography! I can do anything that will fit your needs! I try to be fair to everyone and on the prices because I know how times are now!

Owning your own company is a dream for many, so how did you get started and who is your biggest supporter? HAHAH! Wow, its actually funny how it all started! I used to make some funny videos with my buddies and just a year ago I thought it would be cool to get a very nice camera and try it out for the video part! Well that took off and started making good money with it and now have filmed from a local mx rider all the way up to a factory Yamaha street bike racer! The photo side of it came in about late Dec. of 2010. I had a buddy who told me I should try it, we just started shooting pics together and I got really interested in it! I had people coming up to me wanting to see the pics, so I thought to myself, heck why don’t I do both! So that’s what I do now and love every minute of it and wouldn’t trade it for the world!

I’m sure there are highs and lows with your business. Can you tell me what’s the highest achievement with Shutter Films been? You know there is and that is with any business! But I would have to say with the Huntley Nash filming for Yamaha that was soo cool. I can’t name anything, but I can tell you what I am doing right now and that is in the works of! I am actually helping film a T.V show and just started 2 weeks ago, so that is my biggest thing yet! Its so sick!

Outside of all the racing, answering customers phones calls, e-mails, deadlines, what else clears your mind so you can get away from all the 9-5 madness? Is there something else you enjoy spending time doing? I love to hang out with my lovely girlfriend, we road bike together and also go to the gym! I love to hang out down at cycle connection, my mechanics shop. They are the best shop in town around here and you can go up and pull up a stool there and chat for ever and everything is fine! It’s really relaxed there, so I enjoy being there also! I’m always on the go so they make it feel like home away from home. haha

With all this moto talk it’s time to ride and I’m getting out of here. So here’s your chance for any shameless plugs, shout outs to your girlfriend, mom, dad, sponsors, you get the point so let’s hear it. I’d like to first of all thank the Lord Jesus Christ, without him I couldn’t do what I do and what I have achieved. But, I’d like to thank my family, especially my dad he has been through thick and thin with me and has supported me through it all. Curt Nuckolls Rick Davis, these guys are best and help me in every way they can! But for my sponsors I’d like to Thank, Cycle Connection, Mcn Motor Mods, Body Art INC, Gaerne, Fly Racing, Steel Mx, FMF, Globe shoes, STS Suspension, Richard Husley, and Vision Contractors! I also would like to thank my girlfriend for putting up with my busy schedule and going to all the races with me, she is the best! Thank you everyone!

Here is the link for my facebook and shutter films

shutter films- Shutter Film Facebook

Will- Will Posey Facebook

My Cell is 706-847-7321 thats contact for shutter films!


  • Morgan Cochran

    Wow, what a great article! Will is such an all-around great person and tries so hard at everything he does! He’s an amazing filmer, photographer, racer/rider and a VERY hard worker. He has true talent and really, truly deserves this recognition.

  • THATSfunny

    haha now thats funny stuff right there. That kid couldn’t make it to loretta’s in B class, more less go do nationals or supercross.