Hammer Tested: Artrax MX-Pro Tire Combo

Artrax MX-Pro Tire Combo Front Tire 80-100/21 Rear Tire 110-90/19

Artrax Front Tire

Artrax Tires? We know most of you out there may not even heard of them. We have never heard of them either, but when Motosport.com sent us some these tires to try we were like o.k we’ll take a look and see how they perform. Nobody really likes changing tires so we let the tires sit around for a week or so and then finally got tired of moving them out of the way so we decided to install them. Once we started to install the tires we got a closer look at them and could see that they looked like any other top brand tire. The tires did have a quality look and thread pattern so we were surprised. The Artrax Tires are sold exclusivity at Motosport.com

It this edition of Hammer Tested we are going to take a look at four categories and try to provide you with information so you can make a good buying decision about these tires. The four categories are Durability, Function, Price, and Design/Fit. To date all the time logged on the tires have been at the local Calhoun Supercross track. The Calhoun track has a good mix of hard pack, sand, and loamy soil. They plow the track deep and put plenty of water down on it, so early on the track can be a little wet and deep. Listed below is a quick run down about what Artrax says about the MX-Pro tires.

Artrax MX-PRO Details

  • Soft/Intermediate Tire.
  • Artrax MX PRO tires offer excellent traction in ruts and flat corners.
  • Tread pattern offers great traction in all terrains and improves braking grip.
  • Durable tire compound.
Artrax Front Tire

Artrax Front Tire

We’ll start with durability.  To date we have logged 10 hours on these tires with no real signs of wear. The rear tire still has nice square edges. During our inspection of the tires we found zero chips or chunks missing from the tires. We noticed while we were installing them that the compound was very hard in the thread pattern area which has help reduce wear and chipping. Regardless of the track condition the Artax MX-Pro tires have performed great with zero durability issues and very little to no wear.

Artrax Rear Tire

10 Hours On Artrax Rear Tire

10 Hours On Artrax Front Tire

Well since there were no durability issues we’ll move on to the function of the tires. With the deep plowed and wet track early in the morning the tires performed great. The rear tire provided excellent traction on a wet track and the front tire had just a little push to it if we’re standing up over the bars and hard on the throttle but that improved as the track dried out. The rear tire just got better as the days worn on and the track got dry and turned into a loamy track. The front tire would hold any line we could put it in. Both front and rear tires had great traction on the hard pack areas. Most of the hard pack areas were the faces of the jumps and the landings.

Over all the tires worked as good as any other top brand tire we have used in the past. Traction was great under hard acceleration down the straights and they stayed planted in the ruts. We ran around 10 psi in the rear tire and 12 psi in the front and never really seen any reason to adjust it from there. Braking was as good as any other tire out there.

Artrax Front Tire

Everybody wants to know what your going to spend on tires right? Well Artrax MX-Pro tires run around $86 bucks for both front and rear tires and can only be found at Motosport.com. I know in the past $86 bucks was only getting us one tire from most brands so everyone should be happy spending less than $100 bucks for two tires. That’s two tires that work and perform great.

Artrax Rear Tire

Design and fit are important, if the Artrax Tires are not designed well they are not going to perform or fit as expected. The design of the tires are on par with other top brands and they fit perfectly. We encounter zero issues with installing the tires and the beads seated correctly. The Artrax MX-Pro does take a little hit in this area due to the MX-Pro rear tire only being available in A 100-90/19 & 110-90/19 which covers most 125cc-250cc 2-strokes and 4-strokes. A 120 rear tire would be a great addition. The Artrax MX-Pro front tire comes in the most popular size which is 80-100/21 which is fine because other tire brands seem to be only offering one to two sizes for most big bikes.

The sizing of the tires seem to be as expected, this has been a fear of ours when buying tires from different brands. You know when you switch brands and that 110-90/19 tire you just installed looks like a 100-90/19. No issues here as the sizing was spot on.

Well it’s that time, where we tell you how we graded the Artrax Tires.

  • Durability 22/25
  • Function 20/25
  • Price 25/25
  • Design/Fit 20/25


Total Score: 87 = Good Product / Meets expectations

Artrax MX-Pro tires have been “Hammer Tested” and show to be a tire worth spending your money on. So check out Motosport.com and get yours today. Also don’t forget that Motosport has a full selection of Motocross Tires available for all your off-road needs.