Electrical System

Electrical System

Basic maintenance to your electrical / ignition system can be the difference of riding your bike or pushing it back to the truck. Most systems will fail due to the vibration, moisture, and even heat that dirt bikes are exposed to.

Basic Electrical Maintenance

Visit your local auto parts store and purchase a tube of dielectric grease and a can of contact cleaner. You are going to unplug all the electrical connections and clean them with the contact cleaner. Inside the connector you will find small male and female pins; these can corrode if exposed to moisture. After the pins dry apply a light coating of the dielectric grease. If the connectors have a rubber seal around them then apply light coat of grease to help keep moisture out of the connector.

The magento system on dirt bikes consists of a flywheel and stator plate. The stator plate has signal coils and can even have a generator coil mounted to it. Signal coils tell the igniter box when to fire the spark plug, the igniter box will also use this information to determined engine rpm. Generator coils would be used for charging a battery (electric start dirt bikes) or the use of powering lights.

You will need a flywheel puller (Motion Pro Tools) to remove the flywheel from the crankshaft. Remove the flywheel nut and thread the puller into the flywheel in a counterclockwise direction. The center bolt of the flywheel puller uses right hand threads. The center bolt pushes against the crankshaft end, forcing the flywheel off the crankshaft tapered end. Hold the large hex of the puller with a wrench while tighten the center bolt of the puller with another wrench. It’s a good idea to place a small amount of grease on the end of the crankshaft before installing the puller. Note: Some four strokes have oil passages that run through the center of the crankshaft and you must use a protective cap on the end of the crankshaft before installing the puller.

Now that the flywheel is off; remove the stator plate. Clean the face of the pick up coils with contact cleaner and if needed use fine grit sand paper to remove any corrosion / rust build up. Inspect the wires for any damage. Inspect the flywheel magnets for damage or build up of debris. You should inspect the electrical system at least once a year. You’ll find that most all 2-strokes have plastic ignition covers which don’t seal very well and can allow water / mud inside. Aftermarket companies make metal ignition covers that will provide better sealing and prevent water intrusion.

Spark Plug Caps

Spark plug caps are threaded on to the end of the coil wire. Once the plug cap has been removed a few times the connection between the two starts to break down. Any time you remove or installing a new plug cap trim about 1/4 inch of the coil wire off so the plug cap can thread into a new section of the wire.