MSR HP Pro Raptor Perch Assembly

2011 MSR HP Hard Parts Catalog

We are going to take a quick look at the MSR HP Pro Raptor perch assembly. We are running two of these units on our bikes and have fallen in love with this clutch perch. Guess what? It works as advertised, that’s always a plus when your spending your hard earned money. So stick around and take a closer look at the Pro Raptor clutch perch.

MSR HP Pro Raptor Clutch Perch

As you can see in the next two photos is that the Pro Raptor perch can be completely dis-assembled for cleaning and lubrication. We take ours down about every two or three rides and clean with contact cleaner and apply light lube to all moving parts.

Dis-assembled Lever

Dis-assembled Perch

Yes the lever has a caged needle bearing pressed inside. This really helps reduce lever drag or friction and helps on those long motos or trail rides. The bearing is easily serviced, we use contact cleaner and blow dry with compressed air and use a light grease on the bearing.

Lever Needle Bearing

A plastic collar for the perch clamp is pretty normal and this one gets the job done. We leave our perch clamp bolts just snug so we can re-position the perch or help it rotate during a fall.

Rotating Perch Collar

If you were going to complain about something it would be the lever position screw. This screws purpose is to move the lever closer or allow it to be further away from the handle bars. We found that this screw is to short to re- position the lever at all. But this can be a simple fix by obtaining a screw from your local hardware store. But the lever position is near perfect for most riders. Our 10 year old 65cc test rider uses it with ease.

Lever Re-Position Screw

The levers are available is standard and shorty. The levers have a nice silicon rubber grip for improved control in all weather condition. The grip area is available in a wide range of colors. We have had zero issues with our rubber grip on our levers and yes they work great and adds that little extra to the lever and your ride.

Fully Assembled Perch Assembly

One nice feature is the cable adjuster pivots to allow for different cables routings coming up to the clutch perch. This helps reduce cable drag inside the cable.

Pivoting Cable Adjuster

Yes you can choose from three positions according to your clutch pull and or riding style. The top position is increased cable pull. Middle position is going to be same as standard. Bottom position is our favorite because it provides easier pull and MSR HP claims 325% less effort. Were not sure how you come up with 325% less effort but we can say this, it flat out works and provides less effort and makes those long rides even easier.

Three Cable Positions

If you break or wear an item, MSR HP sells replacement parts for the Pro Raptor. Don’t worry 4-stroke guy’s they offer a perch assembly with a hot start. MSR HP offers the Pro Raptor perch for around $50 buck and under $60 for the hot start model. It’s a great clutch perch and very affordable and works and performs. Thank you for reading this weeks Dirty Parts.

Mounted On YZ250

MSR MX Information:

MSR (Malcolm Smith Racing) started in 1971 when the motocross legend Malcolm Smith decided to create a company that manufactured motocross protective gear for dirt bikes athletes. Malcolm began importing nylon-lined throttle and brake cables from Europe. They sold like hotcakes in America and his accessory business Malcolm Smith Racing Products, was born. Soon afterwards, he began selling jerseys, then boots and finally just about every accessory available for off-road bikes. From there, this company has grown into a multi-million dollar company that not only specializes in motocross apparel, but it has also extended it’s products to dirt bike hard parts, protective armor and casuals apparel. MSR is one of the leading manufacturers in the motocross industry today.