Air Filter Service

 Air Filter System

The air intake system uses an air box, air filter, and air box drain. Believe or not but there’s a cheap piece of foam and a thin layer of oil protecting your engine from harmful debris and expensive repairs.

Inspection And Cleaning

Air filters should be cleaned after each ride for best performance. Each and every time the filter is cleaned check the seams for tears or separation. Most filters are bonded together with adhesives. Remember that filters don’t last forever. Over time the seams will split and the foam starts to break down. Most filters should be replaced after 15-20 cleanings. Never clean the filter with gasoline due it being flammable and it attacks the adhesive used to bond the filter parts together. Most filter oil manufacturers make specific air filter cleaners and oil. Apply filter oil evenly across both the outer and inner surfaces of the filter, and squeeze the filter a few times, while adding oil as needed until the filter becomes saturated with oil.

More Tips For Air Filters

Make air filter maintenance easier by having a 2-3 extra filters already cleaned and oiled. You can store these filters in a plastic bag. Disposable nitrile gloves are great for keeping your hand clean while applying filter oil or changing filters. Filter covers are becoming popular and can extend the service intervals of the air filters. Filter covers are a cloth like cover that slips over the air filter. Pre oiled disposable air filters are the latest trend due to them being so convenient. One old trick is too apply grease to the outer rim of the air filter to help seal to the air box; plus it can help trap dirt that could try to enter between the filter and air box. After removing your air filter take a flash light and inspect the inside of the air box behind the filter for any dirt which would indicate a leak. Before you wash your bike remove the air filter and replace it with an air filter cap (hard plastic piece shaped like the filter) this allows you to wash the inside of the air box. Never use high pressure water to clean the air box.