Seat Covers

 Seat Cover Installation Tips

A pneumatic staple gun is best to use because it has enough force to fully inject the staples into the plastic seat base. A hand operated staple gun doesn’t have enough force to fully seat the staples into the seat base. A staple remover tool would be helpful but a flat blade screw driver with the use of side cutters works pretty good to remove old staples. It’s best to remove the old seat cover and not to install the new seat cover over the old one. Once the old seat cover is off inspect the seat form. The foam deteriorates when a pressure washer / detergent are used to clean the seat. If the foam crumbles into small pieces while you’re removing it then it’s time for it to be replaced. You’ll find a video below that covers some seat cover tips.

Aftermarket Seat Foam

Aftermarket companies offer a few different types of foam. You have the option of shorter or taller foam than what’s stock for your bike’s seat. A shorter rider would need to have shorter seat foam than stock where a taller rider would want taller seat foam. Getting the seat height correct can help you come from a seated position to a standing attack position with less effort.

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