KX250 2-stroke specs

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1996 KX250 Specs

1997 KX250 Specs

1998 KX250 Specs

1999 KX250 Specs

2000 KX250 Specs

2001 KX250 Specs

2002 KX250 Specs

2003 KX250 Specs

2004 KX250 Specs

2005 KX250 Specs

2006 KX250 Specs

2007 KX250 SPECS

  • Hughes

    Thanks for posting the kx250 specs. I’ll pass this information along to my buddy. thanks again.

  • Friar-Tuck

    What a great resource you are! Keep up the good work.

  • nic

    i have searched the internet countless times and cannot seem to find a recommended fuel:oil ratio for my 1985 kx250

  • Richard Hughes – Operations Manager


    I would bet 32:1 would fit the need of a 85 kx250. My 87 kx500 was 32:1 and I also run 32:1 in my new YZ250.

  • Arthur Frye

    What parts can be interchanged as far as motor wise and Electrical for a 1995 to a 1998 KX 250

    • Not sure but you should try kxriders.com and see if they can help

  • Arthur Frye

    Do you by chance have the specs for a 1995 KX 250